Tinnitus Treatment with Cranio-sacral Therapy

"After several treatments from Daniel my tinnitus felt easier and more bearable" Chaim, Jerusalem, Israel
"During a course of treatment my tinnitus disappeared for over six weeks before I had to return for further treatment. I had forgotten how good it was to live a quiet and relaxed life. Thank you Daniel" A.B., Jerusalem, Israel

Tinnitus is a very debilitating condition that can leave people living a torturous life suffering from perceived ringing sounds in the ear. Tinnitus is a problem which is particularly prone to Western countries as the work environment -repetative mechanical noises in factories – as well as the general cultural leisure pursuits – loud concerts, backgroud music and personal music machines – are more likely to lead to hearing issues.

Julian had suffered from this condition for 16 years, four of those suffering tremendously, with no hope in sight from the doctors or medical world. However, when he found out about CranioSacral therapy his life changed within months. The noise reduced and he was able to live a normal life. Eventually the noise completely cleared up and he now has no auditory problems at all. (To Read Julian's Story in full, click here for his website)

Julian’s tinnitus case is typical of many, he was told by doctors that there was nothing that could be done for him and that he would just have to live with the condition for the rest of his life. As Julian was to find out this was not true, and there is hope for a quiet and peaceful future for those people who suffer from tinnitus.

And Julian’s case of tinnitus did not affect him as much as other people can be affected by it. In some cases people who have been suffering from tinnitus for a long time without respite have become suicidal.

“I have seen cases where people suffering from tinnitus have become suicidal, they had been offered no hope by the doctors, who have no real treatment to offer in most cases. The good news, though, is that with some relaxation exercises that I learnt and regular CranioSacral therapy I have seen myself and hundreds of people cured of their tinnitus.”

There is hope for tinnitus sufferers – even if the doctors don’t think so!

When doctors say that a person diagnosed with tinnitus has no option other than to live with the noise, we have seen that this simply is not true. There are many people who have been healed and successfully treated for this condition using the gentle and lasting effects of Craniosacral therapy. In our experience CranioSacral therapy is an excellent treatment to help heal the causes of tinnitus.

“You know that you are doing something worthwhile when you have helped someone who is suicidal return to live a normal life again without any of the problems that tinnitus causes. It is such a pity that there are not enough doctors ready and willing to have a listening and open ear to hear how Craniosacral therapy treatment can help a condition that they have almost no ability to heal.”
What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a condition that affects the ears and causes a person to hear a ringing sound in their ears of in their head when there is no real sound to be heard.

In many cases there is no physical problem or cause that can be associated with the condition, although in some cases tinnitus is known to have been caused by ear infections, foreign objects in the ear, or the use of oral medications such as aspirin. Tinnitus can have severe effects on a person’s life reducing their ability to sleep at night, disturbing quiet working times, or general daily activity depending on the severity of the situation.

Tinnitus can also be the result of exposure to very loud noise such as work machinery or a loud music concert.

In a 1953 study 80 tinnitus free people were taken and separately placed in a quiet room, over 90 %of them complained of tinnitus after the completion of the test. We can see that tinnitus can be the result of the body heightening its sense to the noise around it as well as cases where the damage is done by excessively loud noise.
Treatment of Tinnitus with Cranial Sacral Therapy

With CranioSacral Therapy both the symptom and causes of tinnitus are treated. Sometimes this is directly caused by a problem to the ear bone, other times it may be due to pressure from the jaw bone (mandible) where it meets the ear bone can also lead to the tinnitus. It is also possible that the other bones which connect to the ear bone may cause problems for the ear if restriction exist between the two bones.

In all of these cases CranioSacral therapy is an excellent modality to reduce the noise experienced by the patient. The gentle techniques will remove the built up pressures around the ear bone and allow the ear to function properly.

There are also cases where tinnitus is caused by the effects of a physical, mental or emotionally traumatic experience, such as a crash, fall, dangerous accident or sudden incident in your life. In cases when a person’s ‘fight or flight’ response to danger becomes activated the nervous system is sometimes left in a heightened state of alert – this includes the ears which become highly sensitive to sound so as to protect the person from attackers or a dangerous situation. In most people when the situation ends so does the heighten sensitivity and response of the nervous system. However, in some people the body is not able to calm itself down and remains on high alert even though the danger has passed. In some of these cases the person will develop tinnitus and ringing in the ears as the ear remains highly sensitive to the sounds it is hearing.

During a course of CranioSacral therapy the body and nervous system are allowed to relax and return to a normal level of sensitivity, which in turn reduces and heals the tinnitus experienced by the client.

Here in Israel there are many reasons that people suffer from this problem. As a result of many Israelis serving in the army they are exposed to loud noises, such as repetative gun or rocket fire, which is a cause of tinnitus. Furthermore, life in Israel has caused many people to live in traumatic situations during the many wars that have occurred here. Living in areas which have regularly recieved mortar or rocket fire – especially in cases where rockets have landed in close proximity to people in houses or streets – causes an even higher likelihood that people will develop tinnitus. This is all in addition to the many normal reasons which cause tinnitus. It is also posible that life in Israel is percieved to be more tense and stressful than in other western countries – although many in Israel still feel that they would prefer to live here rather than anyhere else in the world.
What you can expect from CranioSacral treatment for Tinnitus

Here in my clinic in Bayit VeGan in Jerusalem we are helping to cure people of the symptoms of their tinnitus. Often throughout the course of treatment we often start by seeing positive improvement in the condition of many Jerusalem residents who have come for treatment within 4 to 6 sessions. These improvements include a change in the sound heard in the ears, a reduction of the loudness of the sound or ringing, the feeling that the sound is less invasive, and even in some cases the acheivement of quiet for a few hours a day or entire days. With continued treatment the sounds and the causes of the tinnitus can be relieved completely.

In most cases of tinnitus treatment there is a noticeable improvement in the condition within 4 to 6 treatments. This may include the reduction of the ringing or hissing sounds heard in the ear, the reduction of the level of the sounds heard without a change in the type of ringing perceived by the client, or the lightening of the intrusion or pressure of the ringing, so that the noise is a less intrusive or invasive sound within the ear or head.

For full healing to take place the average number of treatments is between 10 and 15 treatments, although in some cases treatment may need to go on for between six months and a year, depending on how severe the case is, how long the symptoms have lasted, the age of the client and the way their body responds to CranioSacral therapy.

Some people may feel that treatments each week are too much and so treatments can be spaced at longer intervals, although this may also mean that it takes longer for the condition to be healed.

There are also some people who decide that once they reach a stage where the interference of the sound and ringing has been reduced to levels that they can live they stop treatment even though they still have a ringing sound in their ears.

"During a course of treatment my tinnitus disappeared for over six weeks before I had to return for further treatment. I had forgotten how good it was to live a quiet and relaxed life. Thank you Daniel" A.B., Jerusalem, Israel

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