RELIEF – that is the word that comes to mind when I think of my visit to Daniel Tarlow.
Relief from back pain
Relief that the treatment was so gentle
And relief that I now know who to turn to if I have any other problems.
CranioSacral Therapy is something new to me but I do not hesitate in recommending Daniel to anyone, adult, child or baby."
H.S. Elazar

I went to my first session with Daniel after several months of experiencing agonizing pain throughout my entire back. I had recently made aliyah and in addition had recently given birth to my third baby. After my first session with Daniel I felt almost no pain. After my second session with Daniel, my pain literally was gone to the extent that I could no longer remember what the pain originally felt like. Daniel is a true healer, and I am incredibly appreciative of his efforts. The next time I experience pain, I will not wait for it to get to the point that it did before, as I now realise that it is not necessary to live with pain. I can just make an appointment with Daniel and he will make it go away.
Thanks for that… Michal, Jerusalem

“Since returning home from knee replacement surgery I have had significantly less pain and more mobility than others who have had the same surgery. I can only put this down to the excellent treatment I received from Daniel before the surgery.”

Chana, Ramat Bet Shemesh

"I must be one of the few patients who after major surgery experienced very little pain after the operation. I can only attribute this to the cranio – sacral therapy administered by Daniel Tarlow. Prior to the surgery and afterwards, Daniel's therapy enabled me to come out of the operation in a relaxed and calm state, somewhat uncomfortable but unencumbered by pain and only needing to take Tylenol to help me fall asleep – my fellow patient's snoring in the ward kept me up for hours!
I am certain that my quick recovery and return to work was facilitated by the cranial sacral therapy. So yes, I would heartily recommend Daniel and his therapy. He has the magic touch! " S. Jerusalem

"My baby was born with incredibly high jaundice, and was a candidate for a full blood transfusion. Daniel treated her each day for the first few days of her life, and her bilirubin level went down after each treatment. She was, unlike my other children, a very calm and content child, who slept perfectly from just over a month old- I believe this was because of the amount of CST she received from Daniel". T, London

"I suffer from Crohn's disease, the craniosacral therapy that I have received over the years has helped reduce the pain and symptoms that I have suffered from. My body is stronger and more able to deal with other illnesses, stress and winter's are now fun and flu free due to my treatment. I am able to enjoy a wide range of foods that I had not been able to tolerate before hand, I highly recommend CST."

"Every now and again, I suffer from incredible pain in my feet, I just need one treatment from Daniel and I can walk again without pain!"

I have now been to Daniel on a few occasions prior to various procedures (wisdom teeth, IVF treatments) and post procedures. In all occasions I have not had to take any or very little pain killers and my healing time has been a lot quicker than for most people going through the same thing.

After I had the first procedure of IVF (extracting the eggs) I was very bloated and uncomfort6able. I came to Daniel for a treatment and with in a day or two I was already feeling not only a lot better but almost as if I hadn’t been bloated at all. The time of healing was much shorter and I was able to have the next procedure on time because my body was ready for it. I had certainly been under stress and tension throughout the IVF process but after I saw results of Daniel’s treatment I was able to calm down immediately and help my body relax.

I highly recommend Daniel and learn how to deal with the process your body is going through.

Thank you Daniel for making my healing process an easy one.

Carmi, Jerusalem

"הבן שלנו נולד בעזרת ואקום שזה מכשיר שאוחז בראש העובר ועוזר לו לצאת מהרחם וב"ה הבן נולד שלם ובריא. אבל המכשיר גרם לצורת הראש של בננו לבלוט כלפי מעלה כמו ביצה.
הרופאים אמרו שזה יעבור אחרי כמה חודשים. עברו כמה חודשים וזה לא עבר אז הלכנו למטפל דניאל טרלו. ב"ה כבר אחרי טיפול אחד היה שיפור מדהים וירידה ניכרת בבליטה של צורת הראש עד שלבסוף הוא חזר להיות נורמלי לחלוטין.
אנחנו מודים בכל לשון לדניאל וממליצים בחום על הטיפול שלו. כתיבת ההמלצה הזאת מביעה רק מעט מההערכה שלנו לטיפול המקצועי ויעיל של דניאל."
בברכה, יהושע ואורטל ריינפלד

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