Technical stuff- how Cranio sacral Therapy can benefit pregnant women

Not everyone wants to know about the technical details of how your body is functioning during pregnancy, and if you don’t, this may not be the post for you – but if you do – read on!

As your baby (or babies) grow and develop inside your womb your body comes under greater and greater stresses and strains. As the womb grows it expands and takes up space in your abdomen that is normally shared with the other organs in your stomach (digestive system and urinary system). A squashed intestine will not function as optimally as normal and so digestion may become painful or be less effective at taking the important nutrients from your food that both you and your baby need.

The extra weight that you now carry can have an effect on both your posture and back and cause regular back aches. As pregnancy continues extra pressures are exerted on your pelvic diaphragm, liver, kidneys, lungs and heart. 

All of our organs need room to move and slide past each other. We hardly think about the fact that with each breathe or turn that we make most of our organs have to slide and move past each other so that we can achieve the full range of movement that is needed. As your baby grows this space becomes more and more in demand and so these movements can become harder on the body.

All of this can create changes to the fascia and muscles that support your organs, womb and your baby. If this is a second or third pregnancy then these new stresses may also cause pain or exacerbation of pre-existing tensions.

The gentle and effective use of Craniosacral therapy during pregnancy is an excellent answer to many of these problems. The techniques blend so well with the body to effect and support the changes that you are going through during the later months of the pregnancy. The will help your body cope with this process, reduce the physical stresses on the muscles and bones of your back and allow your organs more space and maneuverability.

Women often talk about the freedom and extra space that they feel in their bodies after a treatment, as though some of the weight that they are carrying has been lifted from them and that their pregnancy is enhanced and easier because of the treatment.

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