Giving Fibromyalgia some medicine of its own!

Fibromyalgia treatment using cranial sacral therapy

You might think that Fibromyalgia is a seemingly harmless condition. It does not leave you with missing limb or a dysfunctional area of your body. You can walk around like anyone else and do the things that your family and friends enjoy doing! At least from the outside.

Inside your body is a different story. Movements have become painful, sleeping is unsatisfying and does not give you that satisfying feeling of rejuvenation in the morning when you wake up, and as with other diseases that are only understood by their symptoms you often tire before you feel your work is done and are left to finish everyday tasks in a constant state of exhaustion or collapse and give up.

Raising a family becomes a great challenge instead of the joy and wonderful moments that most people enjoy with their kids. Your time is torn between looking after your own basic needs and the daily chores of the house.

However, a solution is at hand. Craniosacral Therapy by experienced therapists has been shown to naturally help the symptoms of Fibromyalgia and ease many of the issues that are generally associated with it.

Rachel, 52, had been suffering for years from fibromyalgia. She had reduced the amount of times she would travel into the city, was unable to take the time out to go shopping , even for weekly food and goods. She had to sleep extra hours in the middle of the day affecting how and when she could work.

The she eventually called me and came for a consultation. I advised her that the best results are seen from an intensive monthly program of treatment. As we see the results and improvements this normally drops off to bi-weekly and finally even monthly maintenance treatments to keep the symptoms and pain in check so that she could continue with her normal life again.

We started on an intensive weekly treatment program and within a couple of weeks she was already starting to feel better. Her sleeping had improved, she had more energy and could do household activities as well as have time afterwards to enjoy being with her family.     

Rachel has continued regular treatment and continues to see the benefits to her health that she could not have found from medical treatment.

For more info on craniosacral therapy treatment for fibromyalgia call me, Daniel Tarlow, on 0528 358 094 and we can schedule a course of treatment that will help you feel better and enjoy life and our family again.

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