Colic treatment – helping baby and mother feel better.

Craniosacral Therapy is an excellent treatment for helping allieveate the problems of colic. Babies can suffer from stomach pain, crying, vomitting and inability to feed properly. These syptoms are often referred to as colic and although poorly understood there are many cures offered. One of the best is Craniosacral Therapy.

Because CST is based on evaluating each individual and feeling for the areas of tension your baby's body treatments will differ from one baby to another. The basis for success in relieving physcial pressures which have developed in the baby's body either in the womb or during birth. Many of these can cause the syptoms of crying, gassy stomach and problems feeding.

Often babies respond very well and quickly to treatment and many lactation consultants and birthing professionals recommend Craniosacral therapy in these instances.

If your baby (and you ) are suffering from colic, call to book an appointment and enjoy the benefits the craniosacral therapy will give your baby and you.   

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