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Craniosacral Therapy For Adults | Jerusalem Center for Craniosacral Therapy - Part 2

Craniosacral Therapy during pregnancy

Craniosacral Therapy is a very gentle, non invasive, natural and effective treatment which is highly recommended for pregnant women.  It helps to alleviate a number of conditions connected to pregnancy Pregnancy related aches and pains Stress Sciatica Post labor recovery Quicker post c-section recovery Pregnancy related pain and discomfort is often unavoidable, because you are (wonderfully) carrying around in you a new and growing being. A good Craniosacral therapist will never promise to relieve you of all the discomfort connected with pregnancy, however, we can help your body adjust better and to cope optimally with the changes that your body is experiencing. A CST session is around one hour, and it takes place with the client fully clothed.  Please feel free to browse my site to see how Craniosacral Therapy can help you in your pregnancy, and if you have a specific question or would like to book a treatment then please call me 052 8358094 or contact me by email daniel@cranio-sacral.co.il   Share and...
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Preparing for surgery

Surgery can often end up as a time of lengthy recuperation, many days missed from work, and a long healing process. However, this process can be made much easier, healing can be sped up and you can be back on your feet and back to your normal routine quickly. How? Craniosacral Therapy can be used as a way to prepare the body for the surgery that you about to undergo, and in most cases people find that they have a much easier recovery. Some of the surgical conditions that I have already treated include: Open Heart Surgery Cesarean Section Ear Surgery Abdomen and Prostate Surgery Knee replacement Surgery To discuss your exact situation and arrange a series of treatments to prepare you for your up coming surgery call Daniel 0528 358 094   "I was so scared for my heart surgery. I worked in a hospital operating theater all my life and I knew how much pain people suffer afterwards. I had a series of Craniosacral Therapy treatment before my operation to prepare me for the open heart surgery and it was definitely worth it. I was much more relaxed and I was not in much pain at all afterwards. Thank you Daniel for making this so much easier than I know it can be."     Ruth, Jerusalem         Share and...
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Technical stuff- how Cranio sacral Therapy can benefit pregnant women

Not everyone wants to know about the technical details of how your body is functioning during pregnancy, and if you don’t, this may not be the post for you – but if you do – read on! As your baby (or babies) grow and develop inside your womb your body comes under greater and greater stresses and strains. As the womb grows it expands and takes up space in your abdomen that is normally shared with the other organs in your stomach (digestive system and urinary system). A squashed intestine will not function as optimally as normal and so digestion may become painful or be less effective at taking the important nutrients from your food that both you and your baby need. The extra weight that you now carry can have an effect on both your posture and back and cause regular back aches. As pregnancy continues extra pressures are exerted on your pelvic diaphragm, liver, kidneys, lungs and heart.  All of our organs need room to move and slide past each other. We hardly think about the fact that with each breathe or turn that we make most of our organs have to slide and move past each other so that we can achieve the full range of movement that is needed. As your baby grows this space becomes more and more in demand and so these movements can become harder on the body. All of this can create changes to the fascia and muscles that support your organs, womb and your baby. If this is a second or third pregnancy then these new stresses may also cause pain or exacerbation of pre-existing tensions. The gentle and effective use of Craniosacral therapy during pregnancy is an excellent answer to many of these problems. The techniques blend so well with the body to effect and support the changes that you are going through during the later months of the pregnancy. The will help your body cope with this process, reduce the physical stresses on the muscles and bones of your back and allow your organs more space and maneuverability. Women often talk about the freedom and extra space that they feel in their bodies after a treatment, as though some of the weight that they are carrying has been lifted from them and that their pregnancy is enhanced and easier because of the treatment. Share and...
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How Cranio Sacral Therapy can improve your chances of Pregnancy

Cranio Sacral Therapy Improving the chances of Pregnancy without the need for IVF or Medical Intervention Hormonal imbalances CranioSacral Therapy can help women become pregnant without the need for IVF treatment by helping to regulate and normalize a woman's hormonal levels in the case that this is the main cause of fertility and pregnancy problems. There are many different hormones involved in the process of pregnancy and each one needs to be produced in the correct amount at the right time in a woman's cycle in order to enable the fertilization of the female egg with the male sperm. CranioSacral therapy can be applied to several areas in the body which control and release hormones in both the man and woman. The sphenoid bone in the head is the bone in which the pituitary gland sits. This gland is one of the main hormonal glands in the body. It releases many of the hormones which control the woman's menstrual cycle. When the sphenoid bone is moving incorrectly it can cause the pituitary gland to release hormones at the wrong time or in the wrong amount. So treatment of this bone can be significant and sufficient to improve the chances of successful pregnancy. Other hormonal glands in the body include the ovaries which can be treated with techniques applied on the stomach and abdomen without the need for the removal of clothes. The thyroid gland may also be producing abnormal levels of thyroid hormone which can inhibit successful pregnancy, although this is often controlled by the release of Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) from the pituitary there may also be problems with the thyroid with which Craniosacral Therapy. Other problems which can cause fertility issues, due to their impact on the pituitary or hypothalamus glands, include increased stress. Recent rapid weight gain or weight loss, excessive production of the milk producing hormone prolactin and disturbances to the adrenal glands, can also inhibit pregnancy. With all of these hormonal issues it is highly likely that CranioSacral treatment will improve the hormonal activity of the body and improve the chances of a successful pregnancy. Damage to the Fallopian Tubes Tubal damage is a common cause of infertility. Damage to the fimbriae may reduce or stop their ability to pick up the egg and direct it into the Fallopian tube. Adhesions around the tube may distort the tube or reduce their mobility, thus affecting...
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Tinnitus Treatment with Cranio-sacral Therapy

"After several treatments from Daniel my tinnitus felt easier and more bearable" Chaim, Jerusalem, Israel "During a course of treatment my tinnitus disappeared for over six weeks before I had to return for further treatment. I had forgotten how good it was to live a quiet and relaxed life. Thank you Daniel" A.B., Jerusalem, Israel Tinnitus Tinnitus is a very debilitating condition that can leave people living a torturous life suffering from perceived ringing sounds in the ear. Tinnitus is a problem which is particularly prone to Western countries as the work environment -repetative mechanical noises in factories – as well as the general cultural leisure pursuits – loud concerts, backgroud music and personal music machines – are more likely to lead to hearing issues. Julian had suffered from this condition for 16 years, four of those suffering tremendously, with no hope in sight from the doctors or medical world. However, when he found out about CranioSacral therapy his life changed within months. The noise reduced and he was able to live a normal life. Eventually the noise completely cleared up and he now has no auditory problems at all. (To Read Julian's Story in full, click here for his website) Julian’s tinnitus case is typical of many, he was told by doctors that there was nothing that could be done for him and that he would just have to live with the condition for the rest of his life. As Julian was to find out this was not true, and there is hope for a quiet and peaceful future for those people who suffer from tinnitus. And Julian’s case of tinnitus did not affect him as much as other people can be affected by it. In some cases people who have been suffering from tinnitus for a long time without respite have become suicidal. “I have seen cases where people suffering from tinnitus have become suicidal, they had been offered no hope by the doctors, who have no real treatment to offer in most cases. The good news, though, is that with some relaxation exercises that I learnt and regular CranioSacral therapy I have seen myself and hundreds of people cured of their tinnitus.” There is hope for tinnitus sufferers – even if the doctors don’t think so! When doctors say that a person diagnosed with tinnitus has no option other than to live with the noise, we...
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Insomnia and Sleeping Problems

While before treatment I used to be in a fog until noon feeling like being in jet-lag until noon every day due to my sleeping problems, NOW I am a lot more alert and functional in the mornings. DB, Jerusalem Have you suffered for months or years without getting a full night relaxing and rejuvenating sleep? Many people suffer from the exhausting effects of insomnia and other sleeping problems. These can be brought on by stressful situations either in the family or at work. Sometimes many years may have passed since you first suffered from sleep problems, and even though the issues that caused them may no longer affect you, you are still trapped by these long off events. CranioSacral Therapy works on many levels to help the body regain its ability to relax and give you a good full night sleep. The treatment realigns the hormonal system and allows the pineal gland to function properly. There is also the possibility that tension between the bones of the skull can also lead to insomnia and other sleeping problems. This can be treated during a course of treatment and enable you to sleep soundly again. CST enables your body to become more relaxed, allowing you to reach a calmer and easier state in which to fall asleep. It also provides the opportunity for you to release yourself from the stressful situations which you may have been unable to let go off and which still disrupt your sleep. Tension in your body will fall off, you will sleep longer and deeper, and feel more energetic and alive during the daylight hours, when it matters the most. "Hi Daniel, Well, I can report good results from your treatment of my sleep disorder. Before I was getting only 5.5 hours of sleep a night, since your treatment I have been getting 6-8 hours of sleep, mostly in one uninterrupted stretch. Share and...
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